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Here, Thegreatnerd will let you in on some of his internet search tips. He loves to search the web. Trust him on this one.

After much thought, this page is up. Thegreatnerd hopes you enjoy.

First I will give you the facts plain and simple about finding your engine:
  1. Internet searching is simple and fun. (It doesn't take a greatnerd to work a search engine.)
  2. Find a search engine you like for most of your searches. If you don't need something super specific all the time, don't bother with going to a dozen search engines all the time.
  3. If you do need something specific, it is best that you have on hand, whether bookmarked or written down, three to ten search engines.
  4. When working with more than a few search engines note how each ranks with your opinion. If you like it less, use it less. You won't get anywhere using something you hate.
  5. When you know you like an engine, simply get to know the features of that site. See if it provides a "search tip guide." Usually, a site's guide will give you information based on its own features.
  6. Be sure that the site allows for at least Boolean commands. (I'll explain later.)
  7. If you can customize a search engine, it can become very user friendly.
  8. TEST the site. I know this sounds weird, but think of it this way: if you can't find something you know is prominately featured on the internet, the search engine isn't that great. Also, test the engine for oddball things. Think of something you've been meaning to know about. See if the engine will pull it up.
  9. Trust your gut.
  10. Keep updated with your engine and others you know of.

Nerd side note: When viewing a page, you can find specific text on that page by pressing ctrl+f . This will bring up a find box in your browser. It makes web searching very fun and much faster.

Online search tip sites.

After a quick read through of my tips on the right. Just go to this page. I have added and will add links to pages dedicated to tips on searching the internet. Enjoy this because it's more than just Thegreatnerd's opinion on the matter.

Second, I will give you the bases of all searching tips:
  • Start out with what you want. I heard this from several places thinking it was ridiculous at first, but then I tried it and hey it worked!
  • If you don't find what you want at first. TRY A SYNONYM or different spelling. (Color is not the only way to spell colour.)
  • Keep a dictionary and thesaurus on hand just in case you have trouble.
  • Keep notes of your searching. It helps alot if you have many similar things you are looking for.
  • Practice conjugations. This means you need to try different phrases to find the same thing, but only use RELATED PHRASES. Bad phrasing is just as bad as bad speling!!!
  • Be aware of what comes up in your searches. If something keeps popping up, it's a sure bet that it is well related to what your looking for. Although, if have looked at it once and you know it's bad... ignore it.
  • If you don't want something to come up in a search that is related, use a minus sign (-) in your search between the items. This is also how the Boolean phrase 'NOT' works.
    • Ex: Cows NOT chicken..... or.. Cows - chicken
    • Just be sure that the engine supports Boolean commands.
  • If you want an item added into the search use a plus (+) sign or AND.
    • Frank AND Jesse..... Frank + Jesse
  • Use quotes to find phrases.
    • Ex: "Frank James" or "Cow and Chicken"
    • Quotes can make the search case sensitive so make sure you have what you want capitalized capitalized and what you need lowercase lowercase.
  • Use the advanced commands in your engine to narrow things down. Believe it or not, 8,129 items found is not necessarily a good thing.
    • Because advanced searches vary, I'll only use a couple of common items found on each.
      • Must Include: narrows the search down to exactly the words or phrases you want in the found items.
      • Must Not Included: leaves out words in the found items
      • Exact Phrase: found items only include items containing the exact phrase you typed in under this command.
      • Domain: only documents from a domain of your choice will come up in the search. Domains are the .com, .gov, .org... with or without the site attached. (,, etc.)
  • If you are looking for something dated. Type in the date too. Simple enough.
  • Missing a letter in something you're not sure of, use an astrix to help out.
    • Ex: James Calh*un
    • The astrix also works when part of words are left out at the end as well. (Replace the last few letters with an *... this will show items with the beginning letters and different endings.)

I've probably exhausted your mind right now, so I won't give you much more than this last bit of advise. Learn from your mistakes, successes, adventures, failures, surfing, and friends. If you know what you can do right, more than likely it'll help you over and over again. Just keep up the good work!



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