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German Translations...

For the curious people who wondered what my timer said.

Okay, remember:
 "ie" is pronounced as a long "e" and "ei" is prounounced as a long "I" .... "w" is pronounced like our "v".... and "v" is our "f"... "ch" is a "kuh"(soft sound) and "j" is our "y"...and "ä" is "ae" then there are the "S" which sound like "Z"  oh, and German "Z"s are our "ts" sound...(I'm sure you'll catch on, this isn't German 101)
(der) tag: day
(die) Woche: week
Montag: Monday
Dienstag: Tuesday
Mittwoch: Wednsday (really, Mittwoch means midweek, but it's Wednsday still the same)
Donnerstag: Thursday
Freitag: Friday
Samstag/Sonnabend: Saturday
Sonntag: Sunday
(der) Monat: month....... (der) Jahr: year
Januar: January
Februar: February
März: March
April: April (heh, bet you didn't see that one coming)
Mai (pronounced "My"): May
Juni: June
Juli: July
August (pronounced Owgust): August
September: September
Oktober: October
November: November
Dezember: December
I hope this helps all who are curious about this... I just happen to be taking German and like how it sounds, so you have to put up with it.


German word of the week: Toll: It means cool in today's German slang!

Guten Tag!!