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Here is where Thegreatnerd will nit pick about some website. Hope you enjoy!


Okay, the first site I wish to nit pick is....!
So, you say, "This is nothing but a search engine like the rest!"
I say, believe me, this is a GREAT search engine. Test it for yourself now. Oh, and keep the browser open so I can help you through the aspects of it!
Okay, now... the basics:
  1. The tabs allow you to choose what you want to search for: Web Pages, News, Pictures, Videos, Mp3 files, or FTP files.
  2. The scroll down select box allows you to choose your language preference. (be sure to select one you know cause you could get any number of foreign pages before you get to your native tongue)
  3. The box at the right can choose whether your search is exact or not.
  4. Other than these last three things, there is nothing more to AllTheWeb's basic search features.
Okay, learn to take advantage of these simple search features. AllTheWeb does not leave out words in its search like Google so you can get any page that contains all the words.
                For example a search for "fish and chip eaters" (note that the quotations are only to set the phrase apart from the sentence and are not a part of the search).. anyhow, the search would find all pages with the words "fish," "and," and "chips." To narrow down the search, use the EXACT PHRASE option and only pages where the words are as you have them will appear.
     Feel free to browse AllTheWeb's site. The advanced options are the same as most other websites. The reason I choose AllTheWeb is because it is FAST (hence its other nickname). It also highlights the searched words so you can scan faster. It is made for the user.
I also enjoy its picture search feature. It is exact phrase in itself, but the engine is linked to many unusual pictures that you may not find elsewhere.
I have yet to look for the mp3's or ftp's on the engine, but I'm sure it does a good job at it. Millions of sites are searched so, well, it can't all be bad.
The NEWS tab is great! It searches most of the current news pages for whatever you type into it.
Okay, for the nit picks, sometimes AllTheWeb is too specific and very narrow, but a more general search can get rid of that. Also, if you aren't familiar with the engine, you can get confused with the sidebars and top ads. But, I say, try it over and over again til you get the hang of it.

Remember, this is my opinion, take it with a grain of salt if you don't like it. Danke!