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Welcome Nerds

Welcome fellow nerds. You are in the presence of the GreatNerd. Here we shall inspire nerds to become more than pencil pushing geeks. Geeks are specialized. Nerds are diversified. We have our pride.

Mission Statement... all sites need one eh.

              This website will be dedicated to nerds. No longer shall nerds be considered lesser people. We have built computers, read comics, eaten pizza, and done other things to benefit society in one way or another.
               Yes, nerds do have different interests at times, especially strange hobbies like Ham Radio, TV DXing, and computer rewiring, but this does not mean to deter from the idea that nerds are people. We must rise up and make people realize we still are people. I do not mean to just make this website a statement of social order. I simply want to point out that EVERYONE is a NERD at SOMETIME. So this website is for everyone. Everyone can use this website and I hope, get a little laugh out of it too.
                But, to make sure everyone is on the same page... internet joke (and book joke too)... ya, there are people out there who are nerds all the time.. I'm one I'll admit. I'm eccentric. I have some odd hobbies and I like to learn. By the generic definition, I am a nerd. Everyone at some point is eccentric to the rest. Everyone at one point will like to learn some particular thing. I hope those people can come here and learn more. I will improve their learning through links at first.
              The internet is a tool that anyone can use for their benefit. I will make this website a tool for the internet. People can come here and learn more about searching, surfing, etc.... I'll throw in a bunch of neat stuff and I'll try to help y'all.

Bet you don't read all of these.