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A friend of mine recently said, "There is nothing on it. It's just a bunch of links." Well, he's right, there are just a bunch of links on here, but I'll tell you the good and bad about each when I get time to annotate them. Look the internet is huge. Everyone can find pretty much everything they want on it. Give this site a chance!

Here are the links as of so far... enjoy. I'll annotate it as I have time. P.S... in order that you not leave my page, should you wish to still view it.. right click on the links and open in a new browser.. I have not placed them here though Tripod's add links tool so they will use the same browser you are on to open. I will work on this as time allows too.

Okay, I'll go over some search engines first.    parent site for other searches and directories... somewhat limited, but small is good in some cases because it has an assortment of unusual sites that may get left out of the web if no one linked to them.

I prefer AllTheWeb as it is fast and effective for most searches.   check out my comments:  Thegreatnerd's website spotlight and check it out below! ... Cnet... pretty good for the obvious paid and official sites.

The next four search engines are meta searches.. they search several sites for ya so you don't have to. For those who haven't been to Openhere for awhile, they've added about five search engines to the site, making it a gooooood meta search.

Many of you already know Google. It is quickly becoming a very useful search engine. check it out below as well!

Scirus is a SCIENCE SPECIFIC search. Have a biology, chemistry, physics term paper due and need some sources... go here!

Search Engine Watch is a great site for both the beginner and the advanced searcher. It provides information on how and where to search. It rates search engines and provides a good review of the major ones.

The following four are people searches. I like em all. Basically, if you need to find somebody's address, but don't know where to look, just go to these.

Here's a phone book online too.

Here's if you want to know something ABOUT almost any topic (hence the name) go here. By almost I mean, I haven't seen an expert on tapioka yet.   (Just watch out though, you know those About:Blank pop-ups.. they have a ton obviously)

If you love the paranormal, come here. 

This is another site that contains many, many useful sites.. I use it all the time as well. My inspiration actually for this site.

Frustrated because you never know what time it is... come here.. it'll straighten you out.


Okay, the next few sites are just neat mapping sites. Who knows when you'll need to find a satalite image of your friend's house. (Terraserver)

These are really good for homework. Imagine having an atlas or reference book on your computer for easy access. That's what these provide.  ---- bugs and other neato things

These are scanned books online... some pretty good reference and school-related stuff.


Want something on a candidate? Go to Open Secrets.


Here's the news links... we all need news. These are free and pretty good.

I almost forgot these. Interesting sites that are thought provoking.

No directory would be complete without the National Archives. Go here and be amazed.     

Get archived web pages, it's true!!

For almost any topic, theres a magazine article out there. You'll find it on Find Articles.

If you need some Encyclopedias online, but can't find em, here ya go!!

The next couple are for creating bibliographies... they're, eh, okay.


Ah, this is a lot of obituaries... I don't know what you'll need em for, maybe geneology research....

Research a business... It's as good as the real-life version. (Better Business Bureau)

If you need to take a standardized test, get a scholarship, or anything like that... here's some help.....

Alright, enough of the serious stuff... Demented Doctor here...

Radio staion in Cincinatti... I listen all the time...

Station from Aurora, Mo


Art Bell retired effective January 1, 2003. George Noory has taken over. The show is still as great as ever. George has done a great job. The new website is addressed below.

Art Bell started this program, Whitley Strieber took it over, and is doing great! It is now only available online, but is still a great show!! Weird British Stories. What else can I say. Nice layout. BBC news is great for odd little stories. Not bad format either. This guy has done it all (so he says) and has some interesting ideas on the world. The website could use some changes (more than just a few pages for all he has to say for example), but otherwise it's interesting. Nice layout, but bulky ads can be slow. Great old time radio though!!

This is a cool hobby for everyone to get involved in.... Try finding a station 300+ miles away!!

Need to find that radio station that you always hear, but can never really locate? Here it is.

The next two sites are free speech radio at their best!

The next few sites are for the weather junkie... or someone who needs to know about rain.  new, not that great.

These sites are just for TV and movies...

I collect autographs. Many others do too.. Might as well add some sites for 'em eh? (you can look too)  Good site, but many untested addresses.     Chip's got this subject covered!!  Good for the unusual, but paid for by pop-ups.

These are just fun, cool things that are thought provoking.

NO ONE should be without a Dremel. Just look at what all it does!!

Tom Brown... he teaches survival and wilderness tracking... pretty cool stuff if you ask me.      Survival at it's best... public forums, freelancers who know their stuff.. yah, it's all good cept the sometimes incredibly long time it takes to load a page.

Learn to help, plant, grow, take care of trees. learn about wildflowers

Here are some art, and art related sites (cartoonist, pictures, etc.)  I add this here because it has a ton of current pictures for you to view.. pretty good if you need to see some contemporary famous people.

Here are a couple of sites about Joplin, Mo.   more news and paid stuff.. pretty good looking site though       looks like a kid's site (Barney perhaps), but has good links


Funky Canadian band... need I say more?

My first attempt at a website...

Other nerd site... Nerds rising up in the social structure... enjoy y'all.       Ghost stories... pretty narly     Create and share your poetry with the world, and you may win $$ too.      I like this show, it's fairly informative and really odd.

Free the hampsters... they need air.   Ninjas... informative to say the least  I don't know where I should place this site.. I used to have an email account with em.. they are pretty cool. Everything you'd want to know about the brain and it's health.. Pretty much a site you knew existed, you just didn't know where. I love this enewsletter... It makes my day at times.

Nice little science experiments... exploding cucumbers and watermelons.

Don't think the flying car is reality? Think again. Dedicated to well, antigravity.. just don't get sick of the scattered pictures.   Ripley's Believe it or Not!!   He writes for Mad Magazine.. He's a gadget freak.. enjoy     75mph wheelchair

Magazines!!! Mad Magazine!!! the official website, but due to some idiot's idea to change it, it's not as great as it was.

Read a good book from the following sites. Who hasn't heard of this site in cyberspace. Target, Borders, Toys R Us, and numorous other "real world" stores have begun to set up under this site as well. The layout is very user friendly, but like AOL, it can get slow with too many users. The "recently viewed items" box is very cool and keeps you from losing track of what you're doing. Great setup!! Cheap and like you're viewing a real bookstore online!  government coverups, Tesla, etc... Has pretty much everything you'd think of getting at Hastings!

Want to buy gifts, toys, sadness prevention, etc.   Really good directory of catalogs, websites, and mail order businesses. Be careful that you are looking for a paper catalog, you can sift through the tons of web-only sites.   Science and surplus "Sciplus." They have a good selection. For everything you want frankly.

FREE!!!    Nice little directory of catalogs. Professionally set up and easy to use. Tons of free "anything," just be careful about the, uh, not-so-free stuff and the things that could be considered junk mail.    Pretty good.

Here are some sites I just didn't know where exactly to put them. I'll call them something eventually. for anyone who has watched the original series, the new one is just as great. Consider it a great site. the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Site! Not much other than just show synopsis and pictures, but nice layout. it's the official Nerf Gun website. well, like the URL says, STOP LITTERING. Buy a T-Shirt. This site is for everything Nintendo. I like it because it is very informative, but I'll admit it is cluttered sometimes. This is the official Weird Al site!! How much more groovy can you get? The official Mort Walker website. (THE Beatle Bailey guy. Plus other comics that you may not have heard of... just check it out and see.) The official Will Eisner website!! (The Spirit and numerous other comics). Animation World News. Great stuff. The official David Blaine Street Magic site. Build a Banjo!!

Okay, I've just added a few searches to my site.. check them out, oh, and since Tripod powers this site, at least look at the Lycos search and perhaps you should make your own site!


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Have a Wonderful and Happy New Year!!