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Ironic fun....

Okay, this is my idea of funny...

Metaphors are the Starbucks of language, they pop up everywhere.
Similies are like boy bands, they sound good to some, but others just don't get 'em.
Getting mad during an anger management session.
Hippomonstrosquiblidelaphobia..... the fear of long words. (really)
Definition-1 : an act of determining; specifically : the formal proclamation of a Roman Catholic dogma
2 a : a statement expressing the essential nature of something b : a statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol <dictionary definitions> c : a product of
3 : the action or process of defining
4 a : the action or the power of describing, explaining, or making definite and clear <the definition of a telescope> <her comic genius is beyond definition> b (1) : clarity of visual presentation : distinctness of outline or detail <improve the definition of an image> (2) : clarity especially of musical sound in reproduction c : sharp demarcation of outlines or limits <a jacket with distinct waist definition>

The 'd' in the word "end."
Saying "LOL" outloud.
I cannot type any English at all.
getting motion sickness during a motion picture.. (yeah, that's a stretch)
forgetting the word Lethologica when you need it (look it up)
Eating spaghetti during an Italian Western.

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